China, XUAR, Urumqi

Research Veterinary Institute of the Academy of Animal Husbandry Sciences

Joint research on the development, implementation and testing of diagnostics for brucellosis and echinococcosis of animals.

France, Paris, World organisation for animal health (OIE)

Technical support for the formation of a dossier for obtaining the status of the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan free from particularly dangerous infections, the development and validation of the national FMD control program, updating the strategy for combating brucellosis, enzootic bovine leucosis, etc.

Great Britain, Pirbright, Institute for Animal Health

Development of gene-specific test kits for identification and indication of FMD virus circulating in Central Asian countries. Joint research to confirm the welfare of the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan on foot-and-mouth disease, to determine the quality of vaccines used in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Great Britain, Weybridge, Animal and Plant Health Agency

Twinning projects to obtain the status of the OIE Reference Laboratory for Avian Influenza and Newcastle Disease

Italy, Turin, Institute of Zoophylaxis

Molecular genetic typing of isolated brucella cultures and 160 collection strains of brucella circulating in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Scientific publications with a citation index

Switzerland, Zurich, Institute of Epidemiology Vetsuisse Faculty of the University of Zurich

Epidemiology of zoonotic invasions. Scientific publications with a citation index

Poland, PIWet, National Veterinary Research Institute

Molecular analysis of enzootic bovine leucosis virus. Development of a positive standard serum for the diagnosis of enzootic bovine leucosis

France, Toulouse, Epidemiology courses of the Toulouse Higher National Veterinary School

Courses in epidemiology of particularly dangerous infections

China, Yangling, Northwest Agriculture and Forestry University

Joint research programs and scientific training internships on methods and standards for assessing the quality and safety of livestock products. International accreditation of the Institute's laboratory and assessment of the quality of meat products exported to China.

Belgium, Brussels, Sciensano

Molecular epidemiology of lumpy skin disease virus circulating in the territory of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Joint work to determine the quality of vaccines against lumpy skin disease.

Russia, Vladimir, "Federal Center for Animal Health"

Scientific internships and postgraduate training of young scientists of the KazSRVI

Russia, Novosibirsk, Institute of Experimental Veterinary Medicine of Siberia and the Far East

Publications of scientific monographs, textbooks on parasitology

Russia, Vladimir, Biochempharm LLC

A joint project on the development of technology for the production of rabies vaccine in briquettes for wild carnivores

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