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Kazakh NIVI is the only institute in the republic that employs scientists who have experience working with 344 varieties of strains of microorganisms, including 286 strains of bacteria, 26 strains of viruses, 9 strains of bacterial phages, 13 strains of pathogenic fungi, 3 strains of blood-parasitic protozoa, 7 transferable cell culture lines.

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The history of the creation of the Kazakh Scientific Research Veterinary Institute is connected with the city of Orenburg. Orenburg, founded in 1735 on the initiative of Khan Abulkhair, has been one of the largest trade, cultural and political centers of Kazakhstan for many decades. From the day of the formation of the Kazakh Soviet statehood, for 5 years (1920-1925), Orenburg was the first official capital of the Kazakh Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic, where the government institutions of our state worked, exercising effective leadership of the national autonomy.

International cooperation

France, Paris, International Epizootic Bureau

Conducting expert evaluation of research works on leukemia and brucellosis, training on foot-and-mouth disease

Joint project to develop a FMD test system, scientific internships

Great Britain, Pirbright, Animal Health Institute

China, XUAR, Urumqi

Conducting joint research on the development, implementation and testing of diagnostics for brucellosis and echinococcosis of animals; the possibility of buying a license by the Chinese side for a colored brucellosis antigen developed by KazNIVI employees

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